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5 Facts You Didn't Know About Tigers

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Five Facts you didnt know about Tigers

1. Tigers are only pregnant for 13 weeks! I bet a lot of soon to be moms are jealous of this fact. Sadly the mortality rate for cubs is very high. Most rarely reach adult hood 

2.Why do tigers have stripes? Well the earthy toned orange allows them to blend in with the trees, reeds, and grass. While the black stripes breaks up the appearance of a solid form allowing them to hide in the shadows of the trees. Just think of them as a jungle ninja. 

3.Tigers can consume up to 40 pounds of food in one sitting! Think about that food baby. 

4. Tiger cubs are just like us, their teeth fall out too but its a little bit different. Instead of being left is a gap their adult teeth grow in behind their baby teeth or “milk teeth”. Once their adult teeth are in and secure then their baby teeth will fall out.

5. Tigers are powerful swimmers and are capable of swimming across lakes and rivers. 

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